The Backyard BBQ Show
With: Jason King
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Just a little taste of BBQ
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  1. Best BBQ Ribs Ever
    This is the recipe for making the best barbecue ribs you ever tasted.
  2. Bacon Chicken Medallions
    Learn how to make volcano potatoes. It's easy and so delicious.
  3. BBQ Prime Rib Recipe
    Learn hoe to cook a delicious smoked and seared prime rib roast on a BBQ.
About Me

I'm Jason King and I love BBQ.
When I was a kid I was insipered by watching Ted Reader cooking on a TV show call King Of The Q. Ever since then I started creating my own recipes while perfecting all the classic barbecue recipes we all know and love. Join me on this awesome BBQ adventure as it has evolved into a fantasic community for people from across the world.