The Best BBQ Burger Recipe

The Best BBQ Burger Recipe

Who doesn't love a good BBQ burger? Some may say that a burger is great to eat with a balance of all four food groups  that easily fits in your hand. The world of burgers is truly never ending with all the spice blends, meats, vegetables and combinations of flavors so feel free to use this as a outline or guide to create your own delicious BBQ burgers at home to share with family and friends. For this recipe the goal is to keep it easy and extremely delicious with the most flavorful burger everyone can cook at home with no fancy tools or equipment required.  


8 Ounces of beef for each burger - I used a prime rib grilling steak for 2 burgers

Season to taste - Salt, fresh cracked black pepper and garlic powder

4 to 8 Ounces of wood chips or chunks for smoke flavors

Kinger's Burger Sauce

1/2 Cup mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon Horseradish  

1 Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

1 Teaspoon Fresh cracked black pepper

The key to make this very easy is cold meat and a sharp knife before starting. If your cut of beef has a bone in cut with a ban saw give it a quick rinse under cold water and pat dry with paper towel. Take the cold beef out of the fridge and begin by slicing thin strips and remove and bones. Continue slicing the beef till pieces start to get smaller in size. Remove any large hard fat. easy to see with a quick squeeze. If the fat is rock hard just discard. Take the sharp knife and begin chopping the beef keeping your finger safe and sound. Season the meat with with your preferred flavors. Keeping it simple and absolute delicious I went with salt, fresh cracked black pepper and granulated California garlic powder. Mix the seasoning thoroughly and mix completely. Form the burger using anything that makes a circle 1 inch high. I used a egg ring in the video to form the patties, most burger presses will work great as well. Do not press to hard when forming the patties. Place the burgers in the fridge to setup while getting the barbecue lit and ready to smoke. 

Place the burger patties to smoke at 225*F to 250*F with chips or chucks of wood smoking away. For beef I prefer using hickory, oak, maple and pecan for a nice rich smoky flavor. Keep the barbecue lid closed and let the burgers smoke away for 30 minutes. Start checking internal meat temperatures with a digital thermometer. Once the beef reaches 10*F below your target internal temperature get a chimney of hardwood lump charcoal fired up to sear the burger. For gas barbecues turn burners to high heat preparing for the sear. With the grill ready at high heat place the burger directly over the hot heat source and sear each side for 60 to 90 second per side. Remove the burgers and top with your favorite toppings while serving hot and delicious.  

There's many variations from seasoning, sauces, toppings, buns and so much more so feel free to adjust this method with any flavous you like to taste and cook yourself the best BBQ burger.         

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